The Prostafeed idea – higher quality feed for a lower cost price

Prostafeed is partner for poultry farms that produce their own feed.
We deliver the know-how and products to make your production run more stable, more easy and more economic.

We see two important advantages in producing your own feed:

  • Firstly, the costs which feed factories make for production and overhead can be avoided and directly purchased raw materials can optimally be used.
  • Secondly, we can optimize the feed composition depending on the situation and observations on your farm.

Prostafeed technology is ‘an easy way to produce your own feed’ . This improves the results in the farm and delivers more profit at the bottom line.

Animal Health is the KEY! By improving the health status of our animals our job becomes more pleasant and more easy, and the costs are lowered while the revenues increase.

Good feed quality is the basis for animal health. Prostafeed is promoting a good health via the feed composition.We are convinced that the current industry standards do not utilize sufficiently the possibilities of science and know-how to improve the health status and resistance of our farm animals. A lot of progress in this area is possible. These are the basics for stabile production systems.

Prostafeed is a company of specialists. We are specialists with many years of experience in animal production and in the animal nutrition business. We have our products produced at our specification by renowned partners in the feed industry. We design our premixes and base mixes in order to obtain the best bottom line economic result for our customers.

Prostafeed has its base in the Netherlands and in Poland. Feel free to contact us at:

Cees van der Wel | +31651833688 |
Marcel Luttikhuis | +48604598115 |